A day in the life of One Man and His Ball…
Witness what becomes possible when a man obsessed with balancing a crystal ball on his head decides to explore that life-consuming activity, with you, his audience.

Contact juggling will be combined with dance, with clowning, and with anything else that Truan and Barry (The Ball) come across to create intriguing and astonishing challenges from drinking tea to mixed martial arts.

Share in the trials and triumphs of a life dedicated. Relish the friendship that develops through such adversity. Watch as they try in earnest to find as much joy and hilarity despite, and often because of, these never ending new challenges.

Coming soon to a theatre near you...

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“Liked ball on head and banana and drinking tea.” – Lucas, 4 years old.


“BOOOM you smashed it!!!!!” – Audience member.


“I loved how funny One Man and His Ball could be. The joy was amazing that came from the stage. Great facial expressions =)” – Audience member.


“Loved it!” – My mum.

For enquiries and bookings contact | +44(0)7884 204708

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